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About us

About us

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Tel: +86(755) 85235029
Fax: +86(755 )89366696
Email: Info@tgjmed.com
Address: 702 Section, Block B, Unitone Technology Park, Qingsong Western Road, Pingshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province,China

Company culture

TGJMED Mission:
For the user: the intentions of services to customers, so that human life colorful.
Staff: to create space for development to enhance the value of staff, improve the quality of life.
For the community: to promote the healthy development and serve the community the progress of civilization.

Business philosophy:Promise to Customers
Integrity! Realistic! Innovation! Efficient! responsibility! Treat every customers serioulsy and sincerely,
customer, business partner and, ultimately.
TGJ act timely reply and offer flexiable solutions;
acheive opportunities for our customers to succeed;
Supply high-quality, safe, effective and compliant products bring added value to customers
Beyond the expectation of customers and help cutomer to acheive more sucess

Quality Statement
TGJMED is fully complied with ISO standard and CE FDA regulation to delivery qualified
Products and service for every customers compliance of regulartion and standards
Commited to high level of cutomers satisfaction
provide continously improved of Quality and customers satifaction 
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